Indian Stereotypes

Today I would like to share an experience of my life with you all.

Recently I saw a person treating a beggar very badly when he was begging for some food to eat because he was starving. What I want to ask is why can’t we treat or help them if they are in need of it. When the rich people can show off and go to places like Mother Teresa Home for serving, then why not first help those poor fellow begging on the road sides for food and for money.

I seriously don’t understand why do people treat those poor road side people so unhumanly as if they are not from this Earth. Don’t forget that God is the one who made all of us in His image. It is because of us that there is difference between poor and rich. They too feel bad when you treat them badly or just throw the money at their face. If you are doing this then please stop it. They are begging because they don’t have any other option. The ones who can work and earn do it because they are brought up in good and able families but what about the ones who can’t work because of some disability, then they are only left with begging on roadsides for some food and money to survive. But by throwing food at them is not the right way, you are insulting them more and making them feel horrible for their condition.

Help them instead of insulting and humiliating them. They too are humans and have feelings. They are helpless so they are begging and its our duty to help them in whatever ways we can.

People usually feel ashamed of going near them to help. They think their status doesn’t allow them to talk or go near them. These type of stereotypicals are the evil of society. With this mentality, we will never be able to help them. We need to stop thinking what others are thinking about our status and move ahead to help them.

All we need is to change our thinking and show little kindness to them.

Author: Teenager's Voice

Being Human.... Thoughts described in Words..

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