There another rape case!!!!!

What’s wrong with this country. How can anyone think of such horrible things.

We girls can never be safe in a country like this where every moment we are scared what will happen the next moment when we are outside. I guess girls can never be safe in India especially when we have these horrible type of sadist.

We call ourself a developed and educated country. Educated country with rapist who don’t even spare a girl of just 8yrs old. Whatever the age is of the girl she is never safe. I’m soo sure that even in future she will never be safe no matter what’s her age is or what her religion is or what she wears, she will always be seen as sexual object for pleasure to all those characterless men.

Forget about the society, girls are not safe even in their own house. We all have seen cases where the girl’s biological fathers have harassed her and used her for his sexual pleasure.

And after all this you all say that girls are charactless, then what about those boys who see a girl as mere object for pleasure. Your character must be more horrible than the girls you all talk about. Just because she wears short clothes, she’s characterless and you are raping her and you think you are not.

What you all think we girls are for, just to fulfill your sexual pleasure.

Today every girl only imagines when are we going be safe in our own house and country.

A country where we talk about giving equal chance to girls in all fields and respect them.

RESPECT, what respect are you going to give girls when you can’t stop anyone from harrassing a girl or stopping them when they talk rubbish about girls and pass comments on them. Are you all talking about this respect. Then I must say, it’s better to kill the girl before she is born at least she will be safe from monsters who will make her life hell after she is born.

I can seriously say India is never going to develop. And we are just sitting at home and commenting that how she was brutally raped and killed. That’s all we can do right?

No one wants to raise their voice but yes everyone wants change in the society. I must say India is full of educated people but we still have so much to learn to make our country better and safe haven for girls.

Another problem is that the punishment for raping a girl is not at all strict. So there is no fear among these monsters and they just rape her because they know that they will be released if they give a heavy bribe. But this is totally wrong, it’s kind of an encouragement to these monster that keep on committing crimes because they know that can easily slip through these problems. But actually the punishment should be so strict that no one will ever dream of raping a girl in our country. Only then will these monsters stop.

Actually we can’t blame the Government or the system alone, somewhere we citizens are also responsible for what’s happening. We should take the action at the right time and not wait for someone else to do something for us.

Precaution is better than cure. Wisely said and we must follow. Don’t wait till anything wrong happens.

All I want to question everyone is, when will our India grow and when will there be strict actions against the rapist?

Author: Teenager's Voice

Being Human.... Thoughts described in Words..

2 thoughts on “GROW UP INDIA !!!!”

  1. according to me shoot at sight order should be gven by the govt. to the police officers and the citizen also have to take some actions instead of wathing… they can ealisy do something … but they just scared of doing anything

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