Hey Friends..

We all nowadays talk about Girl getting raped and killed. But here i got another issue which is quite similar to that of rape cases.

You must have heard from your male friends, how he had sex with his girlfriend and after that he dumped her. But have you all ever thought of the girl he used just as a sex material, it is like raping her but the difference here is that you’re not killing her but leaving her in shame and guilt and to suffer for all her life.

What boys think is that they have made a girlfriend so now they can do whatever they want with her. What if someone does the same with your Sister? Would you tolerate it then? I know the answer and its ofcourse a “NO”. Would you tolerate that any boy uses your Sister and then leave her. You would feel like breaking every single bone in that boy’s body.

Lets look at it from d other perspective now. You used a girl for your sex pleasure and now imagine how her brother would feel, what he would do to you. Ofcourse you will feel the same way. So when u can’t tolerate that your sister was used for sex only then why do You objectify other girls. Think before using a girl, think that she too has a brother who won’t tolerate it, before becoming her boyfriend and using her, think that you too are a brother and have a sister.

You boys say that girls don’t trust us. You tell me how she can trust you when just after 2-3 months of your relationship you’re asking her to send her Nude Pictures and if she refuses, you lose your temper and tell her that you don’t love me. Is this love all about sending Nude Pictures to your boyfriend. I will again say the same thing, “You Too Have A Sister, So Think Before Asking Your Girlfriend For All This”.

The only difference between you boys and rapist is that you are leaving her to die little by little from the inside. But you think that she will move on, its only sex and nothing else. For you boys it’s just so easy to say that “its just sex” but ask the girl who suffers after this and changes she has to go through in her body.

You boys don’t even think once about her feelings right? For you only wanna have fun with her, that’s all you want from a girl. You boys just see your girlfriend as a sex object. If you all boys want so much of sex in your life and so much fun than go to prostitutes who will give you sexual pleasure. But please don’t use a girl who loves you and then leave her after having fun.

Girls don’t feel ashamed of yourself. Its not your mistake that he used you. They are just the dirty part of our society. Girls please dont commit suicide if he leaves you. One day karma will find him and then he’ll realise his mistake when her Sister will suffer the same way and then may be they will realise that what they did was Wrong.


She’s a girl.. a human being who has her own emotions and feelings. Please dont use her for your sexual pleasure.

Author: Teenager's Voice

Being Human.... Thoughts described in Words..


  1. Well said. there are many things to be changed, we are the oldest urban civilization with number of Wounds. We are the only factors that are responsible. Have faith and make a change.


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