Today’s Generation Voice!!!!

Today I saw a little girl begging and just got an thought why is she in this condition? Why she is not going to school? 

We hear so much about girl education bit what we little girls begging on road and selling few things.
Not only girls but small little boys too selling things on roads and begging.
We talk about Education.. but when I see these Children here on road I feel that all those education programme being run by the Government is just a waste and is just for a name sake.
I have also realised that though we these all this around us but what do we do just show our sympathy and that’s all.. and we talk about child education is important, when we ourselves are just sitting and commenting and not doing nothing then what’s the point of such talks where we can’t do anything.
 And we try to take an action and try to help those little kids the society stops us by saying they are not for this and all the shit talks. NONSENSE!!!!!
I ask you that those little kids on the road aren’t they human beings. They too have some dreams in their little eyes but just because they can’t afford to go to School that doesn’t mean they should not get the education. There are government school but we the people must take initiative so that those children may get the education which is their right. We as the member of this society must try our best to help those kids reach the Government schools which are opened for them and for their benefits.
I some here also blame the Government that they must take strict actions against this that children should not be begging on the roads but be in schools and get their education. And I am sure after reading this blog you all will show your sympathy through just your words.


Stop just reacting in your words!!!
Take a step for those children. Just one step of yours can help them a lot.. One step for them… 

Stop your actions in words!!!!

Author: Teenager's Voice

Being Human.... Thoughts described in Words..

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