Today’s Teenage Girl

A life of Teenage girls not so easy you think.. 

Proud to be a girl.. 
A young teenager girl living in small city her eyes full of dreams she wants to live. She has her own dreams of becoming a successful women. But wait a second she has so much of pressure from her family to get married as soon as she finishes her study. Then what about the dreams she wanted to live. Where’s her life..?? What if she is the only child of her parent then who is going to support her parents after her marriage..?

All this question rises in the young teenager girls, thinking about their life a lot..

A girl has to face soo much in her life. She plays the role of a daughter and sometimes a son too; she is a wife; a mother. All these roles are played so well by a girls and while playing this she forgets that she too has a life of her own dreams she wanted to fulfill. She finds her happiness in the smile of her family.

A Teenage girl has so lot of dreams in her eyes that she wishes to live but what to that girl who is living in a small city and she has to marry as she completes her college education. That teenage girl just could not live her dreams and be the women she wanted to be. Every girl dreams of being a successful women in the society. Why is not allowed to follow her dreams?
Yes biggest question… why is not allowed to follow her dreams. Every teenage girls wants to live her life. As a teenage girl she should be allowed to go out and follow her dreams and be the women she wants to be.

Not only this there lot of problems of a Teenage girl faces. There are lots of problems in society that they have to face. Though still after these problems they are strong enough standing in the society. There are so many issues regarding safety of teenage girls and there are many crimes.
They face haressment every where they go. Life is tough for girls to go out in the society. The way they dress or the way they talk they sare always and every where judged by the people. Even after marriage she has to maintain the pride of her in-laws and have to do as they say her to do.

After all this they face in the society still they stand and follow their dreams and be the women they wish to be. Today if we see girls are in every field of work; they are the best doctor; they are in the field of politicals and science.

Just give them an opportunity and see what they can really achieve in life.

Kill the restrictions on girl and let a successful women be born.

Author: Teenager's Voice

Being Human.... Thoughts described in Words..

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