Nature… God Gifted..

How do you describe nature friends… Something that’s is God Gifted and is very beautiful.. or something which we are daily harming for our selfish reasons…. 
Yess today many of you would agree with me that yes we are harming the beauty of this Nature.. but no one will still change their way or attitude.. They will just read and leave comments for support.. This is not how you support.. If you really wanna support then show some motivation in protecting the Nature which is a God Gift to human..

Look around yourself and see how beautiful your surroundings are.. Lakes and rivers… Hill sides and mountains..
Look around yourself and see how beautifully the sun sets in the evening..

But I m sure soon with time all this beautiful nature will be over. If we don’t protect them soon it will taken away from us. And only then we will realise the beauty and importance of nature..

Try To Protect It Not With Your Words But With Your Actions…

Author: Teenager's Voice

Being Human.... Thoughts described in Words..

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