Indian Stereotypes

Today I would like to share an experience of my life with you all.

Recently I saw a person treating a beggar very badly when he was begging for some food to eat because he was starving. What I want to ask is why can’t we treat or help them if they are in need of it. When the rich people can show off and go to places like Mother Teresa Home for serving, then why not first help those poor fellow begging on the road sides for food and for money.

I seriously don’t understand why do people treat those poor road side people so unhumanly as if they are not from this Earth. Don’t forget that God is the one who made all of us in His image. It is because of us that there is difference between poor and rich. They too feel bad when you treat them badly or just throw the money at their face. If you are doing this then please stop it. They are begging because they don’t have any other option. The ones who can work and earn do it because they are brought up in good and able families but what about the ones who can’t work because of some disability, then they are only left with begging on roadsides for some food and money to survive. But by throwing food at them is not the right way, you are insulting them more and making them feel horrible for their condition.

Help them instead of insulting and humiliating them. They too are humans and have feelings. They are helpless so they are begging and its our duty to help them in whatever ways we can.

People usually feel ashamed of going near them to help. They think their status doesn’t allow them to talk or go near them. These type of stereotypicals are the evil of society. With this mentality, we will never be able to help them. We need to stop thinking what others are thinking about our status and move ahead to help them.

All we need is to change our thinking and show little kindness to them.


There another rape case!!!!!

What’s wrong with this country. How can anyone think of such horrible things.

We girls can never be safe in a country like this where every moment we are scared what will happen the next moment when we are outside. I guess girls can never be safe in India especially when we have these horrible type of sadist.

We call ourself a developed and educated country. Educated country with rapist who don’t even spare a girl of just 8yrs old. Whatever the age is of the girl she is never safe. I’m soo sure that even in future she will never be safe no matter what’s her age is or what her religion is or what she wears, she will always be seen as sexual object for pleasure to all those characterless men.

Forget about the society, girls are not safe even in their own house. We all have seen cases where the girl’s biological fathers have harassed her and used her for his sexual pleasure.

And after all this you all say that girls are charactless, then what about those boys who see a girl as mere object for pleasure. Your character must be more horrible than the girls you all talk about. Just because she wears short clothes, she’s characterless and you are raping her and you think you are not.

What you all think we girls are for, just to fulfill your sexual pleasure.

Today every girl only imagines when are we going be safe in our own house and country.

A country where we talk about giving equal chance to girls in all fields and respect them.

RESPECT, what respect are you going to give girls when you can’t stop anyone from harrassing a girl or stopping them when they talk rubbish about girls and pass comments on them. Are you all talking about this respect. Then I must say, it’s better to kill the girl before she is born at least she will be safe from monsters who will make her life hell after she is born.

I can seriously say India is never going to develop. And we are just sitting at home and commenting that how she was brutally raped and killed. That’s all we can do right?

No one wants to raise their voice but yes everyone wants change in the society. I must say India is full of educated people but we still have so much to learn to make our country better and safe haven for girls.

Another problem is that the punishment for raping a girl is not at all strict. So there is no fear among these monsters and they just rape her because they know that they will be released if they give a heavy bribe. But this is totally wrong, it’s kind of an encouragement to these monster that keep on committing crimes because they know that can easily slip through these problems. But actually the punishment should be so strict that no one will ever dream of raping a girl in our country. Only then will these monsters stop.

Actually we can’t blame the Government or the system alone, somewhere we citizens are also responsible for what’s happening. We should take the action at the right time and not wait for someone else to do something for us.

Precaution is better than cure. Wisely said and we must follow. Don’t wait till anything wrong happens.

All I want to question everyone is, when will our India grow and when will there be strict actions against the rapist?


Hey Friends..

We all nowadays talk about Girl getting raped and killed. But here i got another issue which is quite similar to that of rape cases.

You must have heard from your male friends, how he had sex with his girlfriend and after that he dumped her. But have you all ever thought of the girl he used just as a sex material, it is like raping her but the difference here is that you’re not killing her but leaving her in shame and guilt and to suffer for all her life.

What boys think is that they have made a girlfriend so now they can do whatever they want with her. What if someone does the same with your Sister? Would you tolerate it then? I know the answer and its ofcourse a “NO”. Would you tolerate that any boy uses your Sister and then leave her. You would feel like breaking every single bone in that boy’s body.

Lets look at it from d other perspective now. You used a girl for your sex pleasure and now imagine how her brother would feel, what he would do to you. Ofcourse you will feel the same way. So when u can’t tolerate that your sister was used for sex only then why do You objectify other girls. Think before using a girl, think that she too has a brother who won’t tolerate it, before becoming her boyfriend and using her, think that you too are a brother and have a sister.

You boys say that girls don’t trust us. You tell me how she can trust you when just after 2-3 months of your relationship you’re asking her to send her Nude Pictures and if she refuses, you lose your temper and tell her that you don’t love me. Is this love all about sending Nude Pictures to your boyfriend. I will again say the same thing, “You Too Have A Sister, So Think Before Asking Your Girlfriend For All This”.

The only difference between you boys and rapist is that you are leaving her to die little by little from the inside. But you think that she will move on, its only sex and nothing else. For you boys it’s just so easy to say that “its just sex” but ask the girl who suffers after this and changes she has to go through in her body.

You boys don’t even think once about her feelings right? For you only wanna have fun with her, that’s all you want from a girl. You boys just see your girlfriend as a sex object. If you all boys want so much of sex in your life and so much fun than go to prostitutes who will give you sexual pleasure. But please don’t use a girl who loves you and then leave her after having fun.

Girls don’t feel ashamed of yourself. Its not your mistake that he used you. They are just the dirty part of our society. Girls please dont commit suicide if he leaves you. One day karma will find him and then he’ll realise his mistake when her Sister will suffer the same way and then may be they will realise that what they did was Wrong.


She’s a girl.. a human being who has her own emotions and feelings. Please dont use her for your sexual pleasure.

Today’s Generation Voice!!!!

Today I saw a little girl begging and just got an thought why is she in this condition? Why she is not going to school? 

We hear so much about girl education bit what we little girls begging on road and selling few things.
Not only girls but small little boys too selling things on roads and begging.
We talk about Education.. but when I see these Children here on road I feel that all those education programme being run by the Government is just a waste and is just for a name sake.
I have also realised that though we these all this around us but what do we do just show our sympathy and that’s all.. and we talk about child education is important, when we ourselves are just sitting and commenting and not doing nothing then what’s the point of such talks where we can’t do anything.
 And we try to take an action and try to help those little kids the society stops us by saying they are not for this and all the shit talks. NONSENSE!!!!!
I ask you that those little kids on the road aren’t they human beings. They too have some dreams in their little eyes but just because they can’t afford to go to School that doesn’t mean they should not get the education. There are government school but we the people must take initiative so that those children may get the education which is their right. We as the member of this society must try our best to help those kids reach the Government schools which are opened for them and for their benefits.
I some here also blame the Government that they must take strict actions against this that children should not be begging on the roads but be in schools and get their education. And I am sure after reading this blog you all will show your sympathy through just your words.


Stop just reacting in your words!!!
Take a step for those children. Just one step of yours can help them a lot.. One step for them… 

Stop your actions in words!!!!

Today’s Teenage Girl

A life of Teenage girls not so easy you think.. 

Proud to be a girl.. 
A young teenager girl living in small city her eyes full of dreams she wants to live. She has her own dreams of becoming a successful women. But wait a second she has so much of pressure from her family to get married as soon as she finishes her study. Then what about the dreams she wanted to live. Where’s her life..?? What if she is the only child of her parent then who is going to support her parents after her marriage..?

All this question rises in the young teenager girls, thinking about their life a lot..

A girl has to face soo much in her life. She plays the role of a daughter and sometimes a son too; she is a wife; a mother. All these roles are played so well by a girls and while playing this she forgets that she too has a life of her own dreams she wanted to fulfill. She finds her happiness in the smile of her family.

A Teenage girl has so lot of dreams in her eyes that she wishes to live but what to that girl who is living in a small city and she has to marry as she completes her college education. That teenage girl just could not live her dreams and be the women she wanted to be. Every girl dreams of being a successful women in the society. Why is not allowed to follow her dreams?
Yes biggest question… why is not allowed to follow her dreams. Every teenage girls wants to live her life. As a teenage girl she should be allowed to go out and follow her dreams and be the women she wants to be.

Not only this there lot of problems of a Teenage girl faces. There are lots of problems in society that they have to face. Though still after these problems they are strong enough standing in the society. There are so many issues regarding safety of teenage girls and there are many crimes.
They face haressment every where they go. Life is tough for girls to go out in the society. The way they dress or the way they talk they sare always and every where judged by the people. Even after marriage she has to maintain the pride of her in-laws and have to do as they say her to do.

After all this they face in the society still they stand and follow their dreams and be the women they wish to be. Today if we see girls are in every field of work; they are the best doctor; they are in the field of politicals and science.

Just give them an opportunity and see what they can really achieve in life.

Kill the restrictions on girl and let a successful women be born.

Nature… God Gifted..

How do you describe nature friends… Something that’s is God Gifted and is very beautiful.. or something which we are daily harming for our selfish reasons…. 
Yess today many of you would agree with me that yes we are harming the beauty of this Nature.. but no one will still change their way or attitude.. They will just read and leave comments for support.. This is not how you support.. If you really wanna support then show some motivation in protecting the Nature which is a God Gift to human..

Look around yourself and see how beautiful your surroundings are.. Lakes and rivers… Hill sides and mountains..
Look around yourself and see how beautifully the sun sets in the evening..

But I m sure soon with time all this beautiful nature will be over. If we don’t protect them soon it will taken away from us. And only then we will realise the beauty and importance of nature..

Try To Protect It Not With Your Words But With Your Actions…